Update: Darren Hanlon

I met Darren the night of the 11th. He is a quiet and humble guy. We chatted a bit and then he took the stage for his outstanding show in Seattle Washington USA.

The Sunset Tavern is a small venue filled with a warm red aura and the traces of the Chinese restaurant that it was in days gone by. Complete with lacquer paintings and lanterns. It is a place where one is sitting with the performer rather than distanced by a high stage or stackes of speakers. Perfect for a singer songwriter like Darren.

The performance was top notch.

I met up with Darren the next day to take some pictures of him at a local pinball hall. I was surprised to find out that Darren is really an amazing pinball player too!!

If you ever have the chance see him it is well worthwhile.

Images from the show

Darren Hanlon’s Site

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