Abe Vigoda at The Vera Project Seattle

Another night of bands at a cool venue. Despite being ‘All Ages’ the Vera Project is a great place to go if you are 21+. There are a lot of bars surrounding it for a drink before and after the show. Plus, the stage area is open and never feels super packed even with a healthy crowd.

I went down there on a whim after checking their line-up and after dealing with some bland overly reverb’d lameness from one band and ear splitting cacophony from a distorted violin a pleasant surprise finished up…

Abe Vigoda is a classic sounding punk band from LA. And, they embody that sound to the ‘T’ which is a great thing.

As for the shoot Vera has some interesting light and I think that grabbing it in flares or silhouettes is where I tend to go when I’m there. It isn’t as dark as some other places too which is nice.

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