Okkervil River

I had the chance to get a few shots of Okkervil River as they opened for The National in Seattle. Not only was I really impressed with their music but they have a great stage presence too. I will keep them on my RADAR from now on.  Will Sheff kept the energy amps turned up to 11.

Here are a few pics and be sure to stay tuned for more stuff in the coming days as I finish scanning my film.

Update 9/30/2010

Here is a complete selection of photos from the wonderful Okkervil River

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  1. Did you get any shots of Pat, the bass player?

  2. Yes, I do have some. Sit tight. More to come. I shoot film so I need a bit more time. Keep checking in and bugging me if they don’t show up.

  3. All set with some new pics. Hope you enjoy them.

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