J Roddy Walston and The Business Part 1

How can you describe J Roddy Walston? The first time I heard someone describe him they said “Think Jerry Lee Lewis crossed with AC/DC.” Well, I like both JLL and AC/DC so how bad could it be? When listened online I thought ‘Wow this guy is good and yeah JLL+AC/DC’. Then I arrived to the show.

What happened next was amazing. J Roddy Walston proceeded to pound on his piano and sing like a man that would have made Sam Phillips cream his jeans. J Roddy doesn’t do some sort of Stray Cats rock-a-billy retro-tribute kind of thing. J Roddy busts out original songs with underlaying melodies that pay homage to an era in a fresh way.

Don’t Break The Needle

Pigs & Pearls

Be sure to see these guys if you ever have the chance.

Twitter: @JRoddyBusiness

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