Kathryn Calder

Kathyrn Calder has been playing keyboard and singing with The New Pornographers since 2005.  With the release of ‘Are you my mother‘ she now can claim the title of being a solo artist too.  Her songs are filled with the whimsy and alt feel that a lot of female singer/songwriters attempt to pull off but can’t.  Ms. Calder’s songs sound sincere with out saccharine. Hip with out pretense.  She has confidence in her style in a way that only someone that has been singing in major acts can.

Her videos are great too. Slip Away and Arrow

Twitter: @KathrynCalder

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  1. […] Kathryn Calder came back through Seattle on tour with her second album Bright and Vivid. This time she played a larger venue and the turn out was at least twice what it was last spring.  If you know anything about Ms. Calder then you know that she is quite talented and should not be missed.  Some photos from her last show in Seattle can be seen here. […]

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