November, 2011

Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder came back through Seattle on tour with her second album Bright and Vivid. This time she played a larger venue and the turn out was at least twice what it was last spring.  If you know anything about Ms. Calder then you know that she is quite talented and should not be missed.  Some photos from her last show in Seattle can be seen here.


A review of Bright and Vivid can be read at Flotzam too.

Twitter: @KathrynCalder

Bright and Vivid — iTunes Link

Who are You –iTunes Link


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Justin Mellor of Watch It Sparkle Part 2

The other night I was shooting some video for Watch It Sparkle’s show at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. While shooting that I thought I would take a few pictures of Justin while he performed. Here is what happened.


Once again if you haven’t had the chance to see these guys try to check them out. They play around town enough where you should be able to see them with out to much planning. Here is a pervious photo set I did of Justin.


Twitter: @WatchItSprkle

Watch It Sparkle’s Album Rocket Surgery on iTunes

My Baby Has a Red Tooth–Single


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Terry Malts

Terry Malts is not just another punk band from California. Or, are they? Or, does it even matter?


What ever genre you want to lump this band in to is fine. They fill the bill on indie, garage, punk just fine. And, in a space where people are seemingly trying to be bearded lemmings in flannel shirts these guys are NOT that. They know who they are. They know what the want to sound like and they do a great job of it.


I find it refreshing to not here some dip shits in wolf t-shirts mumbling or singing through their nose.  Worse yet, adding another instrument because by having a 16th member of your band will make it sound so much better. Fuck the guy with the triangle in the corner.


Terry Malts knows exactly who they are as a band. That is great. If you like to listen to three guys just rock out then these guys are for you.


Twitter: @TerryMaltsHuh

Something About You–Single


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Swimming The List

I had the chance to work with Seattle based artist Susie Lee on her latest project called Swimming The List. It was a really fun project for a few reasons. 1) I have always wanted to shoot dance and never had the chance to. 2) The concept of the dance was right up my alley. 3) The light was really cool in a few ways.

For a long time I have wanted to shoot dancers. It started when I was in college and attempting to capture ballet. There is something really powerful about the body moving so quickly and fluidly that has been stuck in my mind. I don’t think of ballet in terms of a bunch of small steps on tip-toes across a stage as a fairy. I think of long strides with legs that act as catapults to jump like a Jaguar. It has been this type of dance that has most intrigued me.

Susie Lee’s Swimming The List while isn’t filled with big movements it is very dynamic the dancer moves according to tasks that fill her daily life. What is most interesting about the piece though is the dancer’s vocal parts. As she speaks she talks about the trials and tribulations of being an artist. Struggling with who she is in relation to who she would like to be. This strikes a cord as it is something I too struggle with almost daily.

As a cinematographer the piece had some elements that were very interesting. The light used in Swimming The List isn’t light cast from a Leko or Fresnel. Rather, the key light came from two projectors that allow an artist to paint onto the X and Y axes in real time. This gives the dancer the ability to interact with the light in a way that isn’t possible with standard stage lighting.

When watching this interaction your mind makes connections to and with the light that gives it the appearance of having tangible mass. The light is ‘picked’ up, moves and plays with the dancer so that it becomes another player in story. It was really challenging to capture this light in a way that will make it translate to the screen. While easy to do when the light stays on a plane it is very difficult to truly convey the way it looks when it is moving across and through planes.

It all made for a really fun project. Stay tuned for links and clips from the final project.

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The big full sounds of San Antonio based band Hacienda are truly amazing. These guys do everything right. They take the Country and Western sounds of Texas and mix with undertones of Brian Wilson. At first blush you would think that may not work so well. Except like any good salsa with the right mix of flavors you get something that will make your mouth water. Hacienda does just that. Fat bass lines keeping the beat for some great melodies all wrapped up within a keyboard infused tortilla.


It’s something you just need to taste to believe.

Twitter: @Hacienda_TX

iTunes Links

Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now

Mama’s Cookin’



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