Tilly And The Wall

Remember when all the kids that were to cool for Brooklyn moved to Portland? Well, all the kids that were really cool moved to Omaha. And, some of those super-cool kids got together and formed Tilly And The Wall a fun indie-pop-rock band that has been around for 10 years yet seems to get little attention. I mean fuck…”John In The Morning” doesn’t even play them.

They first came across my RADAR not by US airplay but through Dew Process the label they are on in Australia. It wasn’t until I had the chance to shoot Flowers Forever when they were opening for Elf Power did I realize that Tilly And The Wall had a far broader reach than I could have ever imagined. Guitarist Derek Pressnall plays in both Tilly and Flowers Forever.

Then there is the fact that well. Omaha is Omaha, and if you are in one band from there then you are pretty much in all bands from there. It seems to be one little incestuous band orgy. That’s a good thing.

What make Tilly stand out for most people is the lack of a drummer. Instead they use tap dancers or at least one main tap dancer Jamie Pressnall (nee Williams). As you can see they even made an skit for Sesame Street which is fitting because according to WIkipedia Jamie Pressnall was a kindergarten teacher.

So, to bring it all home. Tilly And The Wall are a great band that is well worth listening to and if you want to dig deeper read their album notes and cross check them with other bands from Omaha and you will see the soap opera for yourself.

Enjoy the pictures. There may be a few more itching to come out in the future.

“O” Album iTunes Link

“Pot Kettle Black” single iTunes Link

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