Watch It Sparkle

Here are a few shots from a promo I did for Watch It Sparkle.  They have a new album coming out and they are going to be doing a Western states tour in March.  Keep an eye out for them if they are playing in your town.

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Pakistan 2009: People

Here are a few quick shots of some of the wonderful people of Pakistan. The Balti people of the Northern Areas are ethnically different from those of the south.    The region known as Baltistan and the people living there are influenced by Tibet in everything from the language to the way they build and paint their homes.


This is typical of native Balti dress.  A Kurta, wool vest, and the rolled wool hat which is unique to the region.

The city of Skardu while a main hub for the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  It seems small tucked away into the mountains at the confluence of the Indus and Shigar rivers.  Due to time constraints as well as the focus of my journey to Pakistan I wasn’t able to shoot as much as I would have liked in Skardu.

Skardu Alley

Skardu Water

The porters on our journey to K2 were mainly if not all Balti men from the surrounding villages of Hushe, Askole, Skardu, Hunza and Gilgit.  They are nimble on their feet considering their loads.  Each porter carries around 45 pounds or 20 kilos plus their own food, stoves and water.

Porters With Barrels

Porters on the Baltoro Glacier

Like most places outside of the industrialized world you hitch a ride wherever and however you can.

Hitching a Ride

There are a few things I found that the Pakistanis and Americans do that are similar.  One of which is they both like to advertise their faith.  In the USA it comes in the form of a fish on the bumper or a cross from the rear-view mirror.  In Pakistan it’s all about Allah in big letters.

Allah Bus

In that same vein like Americans–Pakistanis really like their trucks.  Here we may have ‘Yosemite Sam’ or  the Mud Flap Girl.  In Pakistan it seems to be all about spangles and pressed metal.

Pakistani Truck

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Pakistan 2009: Mountains

While I was in Pakistan working on a documentary for UrsusFilms I was able to shoot a few rolls of Astia for kicks. It was really fun to just click away as I wanted in bright light for a change. I was armed only with my Nikon F5, a 28mm and a 50mm. Which was more than enough since I rarely felt like I wanted to get in close.

After spending about 21 hours on planes we landed in Islamabad where it was rather boring and bland. So, I didn’t miss it much when we got on a plane and flew to Skardu. Which was really quite nice.
Dust, dust and more dust on the way to Askole.  Askole is about 100 miles from Skardu and it was a really amazing Jeep ride.  It started out in dry arid valleys and moved into lush green ones filled with apricot orchards and wheat fields.
Once on the Baltoro Glacier the Trango Formation is what caught my eye first.  Seeing these famous spires with my own eyes were awe inspiring.
Muztagh Tower is another major peak on the way.
With so many amazing mountains lining the Baltoro it is hard to say one mountain is more spectacular than others but one that everyone will speak about is Mashabrum.  Its summit pyramid is like no other I have seen.  It sits atop a shear face on its north side that has been called unclimbable.
When we reached Concordia we got out first full look at K2.  It just rose out of the Earth in such a mass that words can’t be used to describe it.  Even photos can’t illustrate it to its fullest.  A mountain the size of K2 is ineffable.
View from camp.
Avalanche on K2.
Kharut Peak in the morning.  It is so close to K2 base camp yet as of this writing still remains unclimbed.
Chogolisa in the morning.  Chogolisa always made for a good view.  When we would be stuck in the clouds and snow I could look down the glacier and see it standing there in the sun.
Looking up at Broad Peak’s summit from K2 base camp.
The Indus River from the KKH.
I will be making another post about Pakistan in the near future.

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