Mistress and the Misters

A band out of Spokane called Mistress and the Misters played the Funhouse in Seattle years ago. I was going my archives and thought they would be worth putting up. They have since broken up but that is only to be expected in the world of Indie-Rock. They had some great outfits and a stage presence that was well worth seeing.


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Thee Emergency

Another post from the archives. Thee Emergency these were originally taken for the now defunct glossy Sound Magazine.

A great Seattle band. Be sure to give them a listen.

Twitter: @TheeEmergency

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Karakoram Revisited

Over the last few weeks I have been spending more time thinking about how to break some inertia and get back to work on a documentary.  In 2009 I went to K2 in order to shoot a documentary about Vittorio Sella and his trip there in 1909 with the Duke of Abruzzi.

Over the last couple of years there were hurdles both personal and financial that needed to be jumped in order for me to even see the footage I shot.

I shot over a mile of Super 16mm film on the trip and was able to finally get it all developed and transferred within the last year.  Now, that I have the footage I’m able to see what is there and move forward on a project.  It still hasn’t fully shown itself to me yet but with every day it gets closer to coalescing in to a real film.

As of now it seems to be moving toward a short film that deals with the Balti people of the Karakoram.  You can read more about the trip in my past entries “Pakistan 2009-People” and a “Ethics in Documentary”.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Mariachi El Bronx

The alter ego of LA based punk band (The Brox) Mariachi el Bronx put on a great show at Sasquatch 2011 and they have been hard touring all summer and this fall. Mariachi El Bronx is more than just a kitchey spin on punk.  It is a very good meld of English lyrics with a authentic Mexican sound.  Watch some of their videos and make up your own mind.

Here are some shots from their early summer Sasquatch performance.


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Sasquatch 2011 Portraits

Sasquatch Music Festival has been a blast the last two years.  But for this year I thought I would try something different.  I eased off the throttle and shot less.  Stayed more hydrated and cataloged my film better.


But more importantly I shot portraits.  They were simply putting people behind the Yeti stage in some grape vines and grabbing a set of shots with my Mamiya medium format camera.  What seems nice about them is the square format.  It is a shape we don’t see all that often anymore.  The not so good part is the fact that the shadows are really harsh.  Next year I will need to bring a bounce!!


Thanks to all the artists that allowed me to shoot them.


Basia Bulat

Cotton Jones

Dan Mangan

Mariachi El Bronx

Other Lives

Pepper Rabbit

Rebecca Gates


The Globes

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