Her Meds

Her Meds is a surreal film I shot for director Matt Cibelli.

I shot this on the HVX200 right when it was brand spanking new. This meant for a bit of heat under my collar.

Some of the most fun was shooting the ‘Giant’ scenes. Shooting the perspective shots in a way to make the houses look small and realistic were a blast. Doing it all In-Camera without green screens made it look really nice too.

One thing that comes to mind when watching this movie is what happened behind the scenes during the party. Since the camera was so new at the time file management was a real ‘learning process’. There was a good hour and a half where we all thought that I had lost about 20 minutes worth of important footage. Needless to say we hadn’t lost it and everything worked out.

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New York Magazine Reviews “Kicks For Cranes”

Kicks For Cranes

Well, it looks like a short film I shot has been reviewed by New York Magazine.  You can see the film and comment on it yourself by following this link.

We shot it on an HVX200 for the main body of the film and the beginning and end is shot on B&W Tri-X Super8.  The shoots were spread all over Seattle and it was a fun time.  It got me back to what I consider my roots and enjoyment of experimental cinema.

Enjoy the show.


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