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Karakoram Revisited

Over the last few weeks I have been spending more time thinking about how to break some inertia and get back to work on a documentary.  In 2009 I went to K2 in order to shoot a documentary about Vittorio Sella and his trip there in 1909 with the Duke of Abruzzi.

Over the last couple of years there were hurdles both personal and financial that needed to be jumped in order for me to even see the footage I shot.

I shot over a mile of Super 16mm film on the trip and was able to finally get it all developed and transferred within the last year.  Now, that I have the footage I’m able to see what is there and move forward on a project.  It still hasn’t fully shown itself to me yet but with every day it gets closer to coalescing in to a real film.

As of now it seems to be moving toward a short film that deals with the Balti people of the Karakoram.  You can read more about the trip in my past entries “Pakistan 2009-People” and a “Ethics in Documentary”.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Somarpho: Update

The documentary with the working title of Somarpho was shot last summer has cleared another hurdle.  I now have Fiscal Sponsorship through IFP Seattle.  With this Somarpho will be under IFP’s nonprofit umbrella and can solicit donations and gifts all with tax benefits to donors.

Somarpho shares with the world a look into the lives of Balti porters high in the mountains of Pakistan.  It was shot and now needs your help to get to the screen.  The Balti are wonderful warm people living in one of the most militaristically, politically and turbulently charged areas of the world.

It is all coming together quickly.  Please stay tuned for details and feel free to contact me regarding Somarpho and how you can help get it to the screen.

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Please Help

As some of you may know I was hired to go to Pakistan last Summer to shoot a film about Vittorio Sella.  Over the course of the last six months the Sella project has slowed and finally stalled.

Now, I am trying to get the footage I shot moving forward in order to make a film about the Balti people.  The negatives have been in limbo at the lab and it is starting to itch my creative mind.  This itch needs to be scratched!!  You can see some of the still images from my trip at the post titled Pakistan: Mountains.

By giving you will help me to not only pay for the processing costs but the costs of transfer and editing.  My needs are meager by comparison to some films but more than I can handle in the moment.

You will see the PayPal Donate button.  Any amount in the tip jar will be appreciated.


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