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Watch It Sparkle at Hollow Earth Radio

Watch It Sparkle played a live In-Studio at Hollow Earth Radio an internet radio station based in Seattle. It was a low key event that was a few sets of live music followed by a few songs by artists the band like and then some chit-chat. It was good. Hollow Earth is a small and funky studio space but it has all the making of a real radio station. The lack of good chairs, microphones that may or may not work and only one set of cans (headphones) that work.

Lets hope that Hollow Earth Radio can grow and here is to Watch It Sparkle. If you have a chance to see them play in the Seattle/Portland corridor do it.

Twitter: @WatchItSparkle & @HollowEarth

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The Portland band Themes were in Seattle.  Their etherial airy sound is surprisingly full.  Unfortunately due to their ambiguous name they can be somewhat hard to track down.  You can follow them @themesmusic on Twitter and I look forward to seeing them again on their next trip to Seattle.

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Watch It Sparkle, West Coast Tour 2010

I had the chance to ride from Seattle to Portland with Watch It Sparkle for the start of their 2010 west coast tour.  What I was hoping to do was to ride along with them and not capture the band on tour as much as some of the details of Touring.

It didn’t go as well as I planned–That is a good thing.

The van only had 15 miles on it when we picked up so no flat tires…

Everyone got along well…

Justin kept his pants on…

Starr was excited to be playing with PeeLander Z

Steb was keeping his eyes on the road for any sign of Sasquatch

And I was counting volcanoes

It wasn’t that I didn’t get some good shots.  Some of the live shots are really nice.  The venue was Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon.  A cool place filled with vintage motorcycles on one side and a decent little stage on the other.  Never mind the fact their drinks are good too.

It would have been great to continue on with them but Hood River was waiting for me.  One thing I did learn on my short little trip is to sit behind the driver.

Stay tuned for a full set of images in the coming days.

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