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Terry Malts

Terry Malts is not just another punk band from California. Or, are they? Or, does it even matter?


What ever genre you want to lump this band in to is fine. They fill the bill on indie, garage, punk just fine. And, in a space where people are seemingly trying to be bearded lemmings in flannel shirts these guys are NOT that. They know who they are. They know what the want to sound like and they do a great job of it.


I find it refreshing to not here some dip shits in wolf t-shirts mumbling or singing through their nose.  Worse yet, adding another instrument because by having a 16th member of your band will make it sound so much better. Fuck the guy with the triangle in the corner.


Terry Malts knows exactly who they are as a band. That is great. If you like to listen to three guys just rock out then these guys are for you.


Twitter: @TerryMaltsHuh

Something About You–Single


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